We know you are increasingly interested in learning about the ingredients in your food and are often looking for positive health properties that go beyond the “less bad” properties of low fat or low sugar. This emphasis on health factors and benefits has ongoing implications for product design and sourcing.

We have a long history of being transparent regarding the health and nutrition attributes of our products. In 1971, Del Monte became the first major U.S. food producer to voluntarily adopt nutritional labeling on all food products. Since then, we have continued to take a closer look at the products that we offer and their nutritional value for our customers. We aim for our product to:

  • Provide at least half a cup of fruits or vegetables per serving, and to meet healthy nutrient levels as specified by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Be picked and packed at the peak of ripeness to lock in nutrients—more than any other national canned food company. The majority of our produce is picked and packed on the same day—97% of it without preservatives.

  • Be low in fat. We carry several specialized product lines: organic, low-salt and reduced-salt, no sugar added, and light-in-calories. Within our existing categories, Del Monte has more No Sugar Added fruit products, No Salt Added/Reduced Sodium Vegetables products than other branded players.

  • Be NON-GMO and NON-BPA. While our produce has always been inherently non-GMO, some added ingredients for sweeteners or flavorings have traditionally been sourced from genetically modified crops like corn or soybeans. In 2016, given consumer interest, we began specifying on our labels that all of our vegetables, fruit snacks and many more tomato products are non-GMO. As of 2019, over 99% of our products do to not contain BPA.

  • Based on our FY2018 analysis of our products, almost all contain positive nutrients, and over two-thirds are classified as healthy*. Going forward, we recognize that we can do even better, as despite the strong presence of positive nutrients, the use of sugars and sodium prohibits the achievement of a 100% healthy* product portfolio.