The purpose of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (S.B. 657) is to provide the public with information about a company’s efforts to address the global issue of human trafficking and slavery.

Del Monte Foods, Inc. is opposed to human trafficking and forced labor at any level. The following are steps we take to ensure that forced labor and human trafficking do not exist in our supply chain:


  • Del Monte sourcing managers conduct multiple visits to contract manufacturer facilities prior to beginning a relationship with a contract manufacturer.


  • Del Monte contract manufacturers are required to certify compliance with the Del Monte Supplier Code of Conduct, which prohibits suppliers from participating in, encouraging, aiding or fostering forced labor or human trafficking in any manner. The Supplier Code of Conduct and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions also require that suppliers comply with international, national and local laws, rules and regulations concerning labor, human rights and the environment.


  • Del Monte employees who witness a violation of Del Monte policies and standards, including forced labor and human trafficking, are required to notify their direct supervisor, the Human Resources Department, the Law Department, or call the confidential Business Conduct Hotline. Furthermore, our Facility Security Policy has procedures in place that help to ensure the security of shipments from our suppliers, thus reducing the possibility of human trafficking opportunities.
  • Del Monte trains employees responsible for supply chain management, procurement, and internal auditing to identify and respond to qualitative and social responsibility issues in the supply chain.

Supplier Audits We conduct periodic audits of our contract manufacturers and certain other direct suppliers. These audits are conducted by our internal audit and/or supply chain teams which are trained in assessing risks in our supply chain. Independent, unannounced audits may be used to address quality assurance and compliance issues, but are not currently used to specifically audit compliance with human trafficking and slavery requirements. Del Monte’s Supplier Code of Conduct, Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, standard form Contract Manufacturing Agreement, and Procurement Purchasing Policy all prohibit forced labor and child labor. If an issue of human trafficking or slavery comes to our attention, then we would require that the supplier address the issue(s) or face termination of the supplier relationship.

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