Our Del Monte Foods Family is committed to growing good, and that starts with our team members. As a leading provider of nutritious foods that bring our customers healthy choices at every meal and snack, we are equally committed and concerned with the health and wellbeing of all our team members.

Our core benefits are designed to provide team members the flexibility to select a package of coverage that meets their unique needs. Benefits are available to team members and their dependents, including children, spouses and domestic partners, and are effective on the first calendar day of the month after the date of hire.


Medical Plan coverage is provided through a preferred provider option (PPO) with Blue Cross. For California residents, Kaiser HMO is available as an alternate plan. The team member and Del Monte Foods share the cost of this benefit. The team member's contributions are before-tax contributions. 


A comprehensive dental plan coverage is provided through Delta Dental. For California residents, a dental HMO is available as an alternative dental coverage. The team member and Del Monte Foods share the cost of this benefit. The team member's contributions are before-tax contributions.


Vision coverage is available through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The team member and Del Monte Foods share the cost of this benefit. The team member's contributions are before-tax contributions.

Wellbeing Program

Del Monte Foods takes a holistic approach to wellbeing that not only includes good nutrition and physical activity, but also tools and support for mental and social wellness; financial wellness; and preventative care. Our goal is to support every team member on their personal path to better health! Our program rewards team members for ongoing learning and participating in healthy activities. Incentives include:

  • Gift cards
  • Raffle prizes
  • Gym reimbursement up to $250
  • $100 HSA contribution for Saver Health Plan members that meet a target
  • Apple Watch Program or a Fitness Device Subsidy

Short Term Disability

Team members are covered for salary continuation in the event of illness or injury. It replaces 100% of team members' base pay or two-thirds of base pay, depending upon their years of service, for up to 26 consecutive weeks. Del Monte Foods pays the entire cost of this benefit.

Long Term Disability

Team members are covered for 60% of team members' base pay after 26 weeks of total disability. Del Monte Foods pays the entire cost of this benefit.

Basic Life Insurance

Del Monte Foods pays the entire cost of Basic Life Insurance.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Del Monte Foods offers a 401(k) retirement plan that enables team members to save up to 20% of their pre-tax or after-tax annual eligible pay, up to federal statutory limits. A company match is provided on eligible contributions as well.

Optional Life Insurance

Team members can elect additional life insurance coverage of one, two- or three-times their base pay up to the maximum for Basic and Optional Life of $2.5 million. Evidence of insurability (EOI) is required for elected amounts over $1.2 million. 

AD&D Insurance

Team members can elect Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance in the amount of one to five times their base pay up to a maximum of $500,000.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an individually owned, tax‐advantaged account that team members can use to pay for current or future IRS‐qualified medical expenses. With an HSA, team members have the potential to build more savings for health care expenses or additional retirement savings through self-directed investment options. In order to qualify for the HSA, team members must be enrolled in the Saver Health Plan. Del Monte Foods' employer contribution per calendar year is $250 for team member-only coverage and $500 for team member plus 1 or more coverage.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Team members can set aside pre-tax dollars through payroll deductions for either a Health Care FSA ($2,750 maximum) or Dependent Care FSA ($5,000 maximum), subject to IRS annual limits. 

Student Debt Assistance Program

We want to help you pay off your student debt! Team members may trade PTO/Vacation hours to help pay loans off faster and save on interest.


Employee Assistance Program

Get support when you need it most! EAP is a professional service that offers free, confidential counseling, information and support for team members and their families.

Commuter Benefit

Del Monte Foods' commuter benefit allows eligible team members to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualifying transit and parking expenses.

Education Assistance

Del Monte Foods recognizes the value of the continued professional development of our team members to meet organizational objectives and achieve a high-performance workforce. The Employee Education Assistance Plan is one of many ways Del Monte supports this development. The Plan will reimburse eligible team members for qualifying educational costs, up to a maximum of $5,250 annually, subject to successful completion of approved job or career-related courses.

Paid Parental Leave

Take time to bond with your new child. Del Monte Foods provides eligible team members with 6 weeks of 100% paid parental leave for the birth, adoption, or placement of a foster child.

Adoption Assistance

In recognition of the broad diversity of team members who are building families and enriching young lives, Del Monte Foods has an Adoption Assistance Program that provides financial assistance for those embarking on the adoption process, which often involves significant costs. Eligible team members can receive $7,500 per adoption, subject to a maximum total lifetime benefit of $15,000.

Pet Adoption Assistance

The Pet Adoption Assistance Program will reimburse eligible team members for certain fees and/or charges they incur from qualifying animal shelter or pet adoption center when adopting a cat(s) and/or dog(s), up to a maximum of $200 in a calendar year.

Paid Time Off/Vacation and Holidays

Del Monte Foods offers a generous PTO/Vacation and holiday policy. 

Community Service Volunteer Day

Del Monte Foods provides one full paid day per calendar year to devote to community service in support of a nonprofit organization. Community service and volunteerism is a big part of how we grow good at Del Monte Foods. It also helps team members grow as good citizens and neighbors and allows us to pursue interests outside of work that benefit others.

Donation Matching Program

Del Monte Foods believes in growing good for people and communities, which is why we have a donation matching program. Team members may select qualifying nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations to which they'd like to donate and request a company match. Del Monte Foods will match a team member donation up to $200.