Where are we? We are all over the country.

Del Monte Foods, Inc. today has a peak employment of 8,100 including a workforce of 2,700 full-time and 5,400 seasonal workers. The Company operates 12 production facilities and 7 distribution centers across the U.S., as well as production facilities in Mexico and Venezuela.

Del Monte Foods, Inc. Corporate Headquarters and state-of-the-art Research Center are both located in Walnut Creek, CA.

Featured below are a sample of our U.S. based Del Monte locations, all of which help contribute to the continued growth and success of the Company. 

Walnut Creek, CA


Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, CA as part of the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village, a unique live/work environment in Northern California. Our centralized downtown location is reflective of our long standing roots in the Bay Area. Our building demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability given its certification as a Bay Area Green Business with solar panels on the roof. The building is conveniently located across the street from the Pleasant Hill BART Station, adjacent to running and biking trails, and a quick trip to the Walnut Creek shopping district.


Our state-of-the-art Research Center is also located in Walnut Creek, CA, approximately four miles away from our Headquarters. The Research Center is also certified as a Bay Area Green Business where we focus on product development, packaging, quality assurance, food safety and sustainability programs.

Pittsburgh, PA 


Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office is home to our Customer Service team and also consists of employees working in Transportation, Demand Planning & Procurement.

Rogers, AR


Home to the Walmart Inc. Sales Team, this location consists of employees working in Foodservice Sales, as well as Walmart Sales, Category Management, Insights, Analytics, Shopper Marketing and Supply Chain.

Hanford, CA


The Hanford plant was built in 1976 by Contadina Foods and was acquired by Del Monte in 1997. In 1998, Del Monte consolidated its fresh tomato production into the Hanford Plant.

During a typical 80-day season, the plant will process 425,000+ tons of tomatoes into 20 million+ cases of finished goods. These products are distributed under the Del Monte®, Contadina® and S&W® brands. The plant also produces for private label customers. There are 300 full time, 40 salaried and 12 hourly employees. At peak production during pack, there are 1200 seasonal employees, 400 per shift.

Lathrop, CA


The Western states distribution center located in Lathrop, California, opened in June 2004 as a result of the consolidation of the Stockton and Modesto (cool storage) facilities. The center is located in close proximity to California production facilities, Interstates 99 and 5 and inbound/outbound ports serving the major population base of the Bay Area and Northwest states.

Retail business includes trade rail and truck service to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii combined with export trade and transfer sea van service to the Pacific Rim. Foodservice business includes transfer rail and truck service to the entire US along with export trade and transfer sea van service to the Pacific.

Modesto, CA


The Modesto facility has been in operation since 1968. Over the years, there have been various modifications to the physical structure as well as its operations. During the first thirty years of operations, the primary product was tomatoes. After the 1998 tomato processing season, Modesto Plant #1 underwent a major conversion into Del Monte's largest fruit processing operation. During this time, employment levels rose dramatically to the current level of 510 year-round employees (approximately 52 salaried and 458 employees), and approximately 1500 seasonal employees. The current plant configuration consists of 84 acres, approximately 490,000 square feet of production area, approximately 235,000 square feet of on-site warehousing, and approximately 714,000 square feet of off-site warehousing.

The Modesto plant is located in Stanislaus County, which is most favorable to canning operations and food processing firms, and produces over 27 million cases of Apricots, Fruit Cocktail, Yellow Cling Peaches, Yellow Freestone Peaches, Pears, Orchard Select processed fruits, Metal Cups as well as Plastic Fruit Cups.

Mendota, IL


The Mendota facility was constructed in 1949 and spans 431 acres. Mendota's fresh pack products include peas, peas & carrots, cream style corn, whole kernel corn, white corn, mixed vegetables and lima beans. The workforce consists of approximately 31 salaried and 106 regular hourly employees with a peak seasonal headcount of approximately 550.

Plymouth, IN


Del Monte's Plymouth facility is located in the city of Plymouth, situated in the Northern part of Indiana. The plant spans 19 acres and consists of five production lines. These lines produce ketchup and tomato-based sauces, along with juice from concentrate in plastic, metal and bag containers year round. Plymouth produces approximately 11 million cases annually of Del Monte/Contadina Brand and private label products.

Sleepy Eye, MN


The Sleepy Eye plant, located in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, is approximately 100 miles southwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Established in 1920, the facility produces the largest case quantities of peas and corn for the Company, planted by over 300 different growers on more than 26,000 acres. The facility currently employs 22 salaried and 50 hourly employees. The processing season begins in early June and ends in late September. During the processing season, up to 400 seasonal employees are needed.

Crystal City, TX


In 1945, the property for Del Monte's Crystal City, Texas facility was purchased and the first cans of Del Monte® Spinach were produced in March of 1946. Today, the facility produces canned beets, carrots, potatoes, green beans and spinach vegetables and tomato sauce.

Del Monte's Crystal City plant is located in the heart of Zavala County and the Texas Winter Garden Region. The high volume production of spinach from this facility soundly allows Crystal City, Texas to be known as the "Spinach Capital of the World." There are 163 full time hourly and 22 salaried employees. At peak production there are 410 seasonal employees. Production runs eleven months out of the year.

Toppenish, WA


Located on 48 acres in Washington State, the Toppenish facility, originally constructed in 1937, has seasonal production consisting primarily of whole kernel and cream corn, organic peas and baby whole carrots. During the peak season there are approximately 350 seasonal and some 60 full time employees on staff to run a 3-shift production operation. Toppenish Farm operation handles the harvest of the entire WK Corn crop that ranges to 8,500 acres annually.

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