1886 Del Monte name is used by an Oakland, California food distributor on premium coffee prepared for the Hotel Del Monte on the Monterey peninsula.

1898 Eighteen west coast canning companies merge to form California Fruit Canners Association (CFCA).  Del Monte is one of several premium brands marketed by the new company.

1909 the Del Monte shield is introduced on labels.

1916 CFCA merges with three other large canners to create California Packing Corporation (Calpak) and  Del Monte becomes the primary brand.

1917 Calpak becomes the first US fruit and vegetable processor to advertise nationally.

1940 Fruits and vegetables in glass introduced.

1945 Calpak begins expansion.  Use of pallets for storage improves distribution.

1955 Del Monte pineapple grapefruit drink  and stewed tomatoes introduced.

1967 Calpak changes its name to Del Monte Corporation.

1971 Del Monte becomes the first major US food producer to adopt nutritional labeling on all its food products.

1979 RJ Reynolds (tobacco) acquires Del Monte.  Later merges to become RJR Nabisco.

1990 RJR Nabisco sells Del Monte in pieces, fresh fruit operations separated from canned foods, some international units sold.  Canned foods business sold to investor group.

1997 Texas Pacific Group purchases Del Monte.  Del Monte buys the Contadina brand.

1999 Del Monte Corporation goes public with stock offering.

2000 Sunfresh brand canned and refrigerated products acquired.

2001 S&W brand acquired.

2002 Del Monte acquires pet food, baby food, Star*Kist tuna, College Inn, and private label soup businesses of HJ Heinz.  Former Heinz Pittsburgh offices added.

2006 Del Monte sells the baby food and soup business and buys Meow Mix and Milk Bone brand pet food products

2008 Del Monte sells the Star*Kist tuna business.

2011 KKR investor group takes Del Monte Corporation private.

2014 KKR sells the Del Monte brand to Del Monte Pacific, Ltd. as Del Monte Foods, Inc. (DMFI). KKR changes the name of the old company from Del Monte Corporation to Big Heart Pet Brands (BHPB).  

2015 Del Monte acquires Sager Creek Vegetable Company.

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