At Del Monte, we know that nothing grows to greatness without healthy roots.

Del Monte is working to cultivate a culture of transparency by connecting consumers with growers, giving people a glimpse of where their food is picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. We are excited to share our growing practices with consumers. Through sophisticated software and our work with the Stewardship Index of Specialty Crops, we are working to provide detailed information about how our vegetables are grown. Consumers can access this ever-growing body of information on our corporate website,

At Del Monte, we encourage our growers to participate in programs that advance consumer knowledge, build trust, and make their communities better places in which to live and work.


We greatly value the integrity of our brands and want to ensure customers can trust in them from this generation to the next. Federal food safety regulations require that we track products shipped to our customers, but we consistently go beyond those minimum standards. Prior to introducing any product into the marketplace, Del Monte conducts extensive Risk Assessments/Hazard Analysis and incorporates necessary actions to ensure that all products and ingredients meet the highest Del Monte standards.

We also use electronic tracking to monitor product movement from farm to factory. This enables us to precisely identify the sources of all ingredients in our products as well as track produce in approximately four hours. We aim to reduce the timing needed for this traceability process even further through the application of state-of-the-art data-sorting technology.

To validate the effectiveness and accuracy of our system, we regularly conduct tests known as traceability assessments. Each facility that handles our products, from manufacturing to distribution, is subject to two mock recall and traceability audits annually to ensure that our systems work properly and promptly in the event of a recall. Based on our controls, we are able to isolate products in less than two hours. Furthermore, we apply the same traceability standards to our co-packers and third-party operated facilities.  

Code of Conduct

We have a longstanding commitment to quality practices and have created a culture that not only knows our Code of Conduct, but also embodies it. 

We view the Code of Conduct as a dynamic tool that helps our employees navigate the varied and disparate types of decisions they have to make. Our code enables our employees to put our principles into practice, which is fundamental to our continued success. To support adherence to the Code, employees are also trained on our International Anti-Corruption Policy, Employee Handbook, Travel and Expense practices, and Whistleblower hotline, which are all readily available on the Del Monte Foods’ intranet. We strive to be thorough and comprehensive in our approach—we want everyone to be as safe as we are.

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