At Del Monte, our employees are committed to enriching the lives of today's family by providing nourishing, great tasting, and easy-to-use products that meet the needs of everyone in the home.

In turn, the Company strives to nourish and enrich its employees by respecting their work-life balance, providing competitive pay and benefits, championing an inclusive and diverse work environment, and promoting a culture of health and safety.

Workplace Diversity

Del Monte is committed to promoting and preserving a workplace environment rich in diversity — one in which individual differences are not simply tolerated or accepted, but truly appreciated.

Diversity encompasses universally recognized traits such as race, gender and national origin; however, it also includes less obvious individual differences such as socioeconomic background and personal lifestyle.

Our philosophy holds to the belief that promoting these differences in the workplace is a means of encouraging personal and organizational growth and contribution, and enabling individuals and teams. Furthermore, workplace diversity reflects the changing face of the American workforce and population, as well as our customer base.

Employee Benefits

Del Monte employee benefits are designed to provide employees the flexibility to select a package of coverage that meets their unique needs. Benefits are available to employees and their dependents, including children, spouses, and domestic partners. Benefits may include medical, dental, and vision insurance; short and long-term disability insurance; life insurance; paid time off for vacation and holiday; savings plans; and employee assistance programs. In support of pet ownership and pet care, Del Monte also makes pet insurance available to employees.

In addition to this wide range of benefits, we offer additional benefits that we believe help our employees improve their quality of life. These include an adoption assistance program, community service day allocation, and floating holidays (at designated locations).

Professional Development

Professional development is an integral part of our performance system and links to our core values and competencies. Employees are encouraged to participate in opportunities and programs that will contribute to their ability to deliver value and ensure further growth and success for themselves and the Company.

We offer specific developmental programs to help employees meet organizational objectives, enhance their careers, and maintain a consistently high level of performance.  These opportunities include:

  • Managers provide internal learning opportunities by working closely with employees to structure appropriate on-the-job activities to meet identified developmental needs.
  • External programs and professional certifications are provided at seminars, conferences or other specialized workshops.
  • External university courses are available through the Del Monte Employee Education Assistance Program. Under the provisions of this program, eligible employees may receive up to $5,250.00 annually in financial assistance for approved courses of study at accredited educational institutions.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees are of paramount concern to Del Monte. We strive to provide a workplace free of preventable hazards and to comply with all laws and regulations governing workplace safety and health, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). We believe that most accidents and injuries are preventable, and we require that all employees follow the Company’s health and safety rules and procedures to avoid needless injury. Our managers and supervisors are expected to keep abreast of and understand the workplace safety laws and regulations that apply to their areas of responsibility and ensure compliance with these provisions.

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