Crystal City, TX

Processing Plant

In 1945, the property for Del Monte's Crystal City, Texas facility was purchased and the first cans of Del Monte® Spinach were produced in March of 1946. Today, the facility produces canned beets, carrots, potatoes, green beans and spinach vegetables and tomato sauce.

Del Monte's Crystal City plant is located in the heart of Zavala County and the Texas Winter Garden Region. The high volume production of spinach from this facility soundly allows Crystal City, Texas to be known as the "Spinach Capital of the World." There are 163 full time hourly and 22 salaried employees. At peak production there are 410 seasonal employees. Production runs eleven months out of the year.

Toppenish, WA

Toppenish, WA: Processing Plant

Processing Plant

Located on 48 acres in Washington State, the Toppenish facility, originally constructed in 1937, has seasonal production consisting primarily of whole kernel and cream corn, organic peas and baby whole carrots. During the peak season there are approximately 350 seasonal and some 60 full time employees on staff to run a 3-shift production operation. Toppenish Farm operation handles the harvest of the entire WK Corn crop that ranges to 8,500 acres annually.

Yakima, WA

Yakima, WA: Processing Plant

Processing Plant

The Yakima facility was acquired by Del Monte in 1916 and is situated on 9.5 acres in the city of Yakima in South Central Washington State.  The plant packs dark sweet cherries, Bartlett pears, plums and apples. There are 42 full time employees: 20 salaried and 22 union hourly.  At peak production there are 600 seasonal employees, 200 per shift with about 76% returning annually.

In June, 2012, Del Monte Foods purchased another facility in Terrace Heights and Sawyer.  The Terrace Heights facility sits on 24 acres and is located east of the Yakima plant.  This facility will be utilized for pear ripening and storage of finished product.  The Sawyer facility sits on 14 acres and is located 15 minutes south of Yakima.  This property has a cold storage facility and is multi-functional.

Cambria, WI

Cambria, WI: Processing Plant

Processing Plant

The Cambria processing plant has been in operation since 1920 and was purchased by
Del Monte in 1999. The Cambria facility is located about 45 minutes north of Madison, Wisconsin and processes 7.5 million cases of peas, green beans, wax beans and corn from late June to early October. Cambria has 14 salaried and 31 hourly employees and an additional 270 seasonal employees during peak production. The plant sits on 377 acres and includes temporary housing facilities for approximately 200 seasonal migrant employees.

Markesan, WI

Markesan, WI: Processing Plant

Processing Plant

Del Monte Food's operations began in Markesan, Wisconsin in 1952 with the purchase of the Grand River Canning Company's pea and corn plant. In 1960, Del Monte purchased the adjacent Markesan Canning Company and converted it to a green bean operation.

Raw product is purchased from growers in three growing areas: Central Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and the Central Sands area of Central Wisconsin. Full time employment at Markesan is currently 72 people, including office and administrative personnel. During the processing season, over 300 seasonal employees, some of whom have worked for 30 seasons, are utilized throughout the facility. Approximately 70% of the seasonal workforce is contracted migrant workers, 211 of whom are provided with on-site housing.

Plover, WI

Processing Plant

The Plover facility produces green beans in addition to wax and Italian beans, potatoes, beets and carrots. In operation since 1966, Plover has continued to grow over the years, employing approximately 500 employees during the peak processing season.

Because of Del Monte's commitment to process and can fresh beans within 24-hours of harvest, all processing is done during the summer months from late June through the first week of October. The Root Crop Department begins operation in early July with 10-hour shifts, changing to three 7-hour shifts upon the completion of green beans in early October.

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